The vineyard

  1. Vignes Bergères les Vertus
  2. Vignoble Bergères les Vertus
  3. Vignoble Côte des Blancs
  4. Vignes Côte des Blancs
  5. Cépage Chardonnay

The vines, some of which are more than 60 years old, are planted in the communes of Bergères les Vertus, Vertus, Grauves and Chavot-Courcourt, and are nestled on limestone soils, between cliffs and Champagne plains.

It literally is the ‘White Coast’ !

The Côte des Blancs is located in the department of Marne (51), and extends from the south of the town of Epernay to the gates of Sézanne, over a 20 km strip. The slopes are mainly oriented to the east and south-east.

The climate, of an oceanic type with continental influence, provides sunshine, rainfall and temperatures conducive to the development of Chardonnay.

What the specialists say...

"The qualities of the soil and subsoil are very important for the vine. The Champagne soil is essentially chalky and that’s of the Côte des Blancs will bring These elements are essential to the personality of this grape variety. They will allow a particular mineral nutrition and the maintenance of humidity at the root of the vine.

The upper slopes comprise areas that are more argillaceous. These will go on to produce reserve wines that will refine over the years. A diversity of soil that brings a real richness to the Côte des Blancs and highlights the know-how of the Champagne winegrowers. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of the vine and their terroir, they use the characteristics of each plot to develop their Champagne. " (source:


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